Furniture Industry


Fabric wrapping


Photography, 3D Product Rendering, Fabric Wrapping, 3D Room-Set Creation, Brochure Design, Website Design

Provide photo realistic and engaging digital assets to bring collections, both old and new, to life.

Established in 1994, Linwood is a family business based in the South of England.In creating both classic and contemporary design, their aim is to combine beauty, quality and practicality to offer fabric and wallpapers that inspire and delight.Drawing inspiration from textile archives, museums and the natural world, their creative team design beautiful, thoughtful and carefully crafted collections of prints, weaves and wallpapers.Many of their fabrics and wallpapers are made entirely in Britain. The rest are made in Europe (Italy, Belgium and Spain mostly) by family-run mills with whom they have longstanding relationships.

In the beginning: Recognising the marketing opportunities Orbital were able to provide, Linwood tasked us with re-creating a previous physical photo shoot room set and the products that were shot within it.The leap in what's possible: The results were so real to life we then developed the fixed assets captured during their physical shoot into a rolling display of the other colour ways in the range. For the first time the entire collection could be 'photographed' and brought to life.Full house: As all the images we create are true to life, Linwood were then able to focus on using the assets to create the imagery for their offline POS, social media, website and beyond.Research & development: We provided 'finished' room set imagery for their latest velvet print before the fabric was even made, saving time & money and gaining customer buy in.

The sky is the limit when the shackles of physical commodities are removed. Virtually anything is possible has been proved with Linwood. They have grasped the technology, embraced it and are reaping the rewards of being quick to market with engaging and dynamic, commercially astute assets.