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Bespoke eCommerce Website


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CAME is a global manufacturer of door and gate entry systems, headquartered in Italy. We were approached to deliver a complete eCommerce website from which they could sell and manage training courses.

The goals for this project were as much about streamlining internal processes as improving the purchasing experience for CAME’s customers. The existing website was limited in functionality, and was time consuming for a number of departments; with cancellations, rearranged bookings and certifications all requiring manual processing. We worked closely with the marketing team to develop a detailed brief and specification before starting the project, with the aim to automate the entire process.

Using WordPress as the CMS, we have developed a bespoke eCommerce theme with SagePay and Paypal integration to handle secure payments. Customers have the ability to log in and amend their bookings. From the dashboard they can cancel, request a refund and email themselves an invoice, all without the need to contact CAME directly. Where customers have chosen to checkout as a guest, they can retroactively create an account to manage their bookings in the same way. The system links up to each trainer’s calendar, allowing larger businesses to book bespoke or on-demand training courses for their entire team at a time and location that suits them. These on-demand courses can also be managed and rearranged by the customer, without the need to contact CAME directly.

This project’s automation doesn’t stop at it’s eCommerce functionality. During a training course, the website becomes a tool for the trainer, from which he/she can take attendance and grade modules. Once the course is completed, PDF certificates are automatically generated and emailed to the customer (a task previously undertaken manually). Failed candidates are automatically sent a discount code to book a retest. The website’s headline course, CAMESAFE, comes with it’s own accreditation scheme, which is also handled automatically. Installer IDs are generated and a personalised accreditation logo is rendered and emailed to the customer. The site monitors the expiry date for each installer, and sends them a reminder email when it’s time to book a refresher course. This integration of the installer database to the eCommerce site (two elements of the business that have previously been separate) has been crucial to the project’s success.

The finished project not only delivers an exceptional purchasing experience to web visitors, but impressive streamlining of internal processes. Regular tasks within the marketing, sales, training and accounting departments are now automated, culminating in around 800 saved hours per year.