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Bespoke Upholsterers


enVision Service


3D Rendering, Photography, Fabric Wrapping

Established in 1994, Linwood is a wonderfully creative family business based in the South of England.

In creating both classic and contemporary design, their aim is to combine beauty, quality and practicality to offer fabric and wallpapers that inspire and delight.

They realised that the traditional method of location photo shoots chronically limit the ability to showcase the full range of colours and options created in their collections, so approached Orbital to utilise the enVision set builder to deliver their photo shoot in real life, high resolution CGI.

This 3D environment opens the entire collection to be explored online and delivered in different combinations in full print quality across all POS touch points. In addition the enVision tool allows the collection to be animated, a really cool way of engaging through social media and other digital formats.

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C/S - Sleepeezee


Furniture Industry


Website & Marketing


3D Rendering, Photography, Videography, Design, Print

Sleepeezee has been making luxury beds and mattresses since the early 1900's and has grown into one of the most well-known bed manufacturers in the world.

Sleepeezee were keen to dig deep into their heritage values and story to bring the brand to life for the consumer. Finding the right balance of historical references married with contemporary tone of voice, Orbital delivered a series of collateral that have freshened the companies outlook, assisting launches of new products and customer engagement.

Having an up to date platform to deliver details of the company, its products and broader information is vital. Orbital delivered a clean, easy to navigate and informative web site. With a complete CMS support package, the site is populated entirely with collateral originated by Orbital. This includes the bed builder plug in. Developed in house by the Orbital team, this clever device allows the consumer and retailer alike to view their preferred combination of options available in high quality imagery.

The site also combined a number historical satellite sites into 1 space, giving the marketing team a much improved experience as all the media pulls from a single source. The products are displayed more coherently alongside the branding, with the collection names being more in vogue with consumer behaviour rather than purely features and benefits.

Offline, Orbital re-established the point of sale and general leaflets to continue this new look and feel. To support their first international exhibition and build a broader domestic following across the retail & contract markets, Orbital provided Sleepeezee with a presenter full of original photography, CAD's and copy. Making the most of Sleepeezee's coveted Royal Warrant and the work undertaken on behalf of some of the worlds most desirable hotel chains, the presenter pushes the brand harder and more convincingly up market - right where it belongs.

Sleepeezee has a story to tell at its factory too. Their friendly, dedicated and highly skilled workers produce a vast amount of variety at a consistent level of quality. We celebrated their hard work by filming the process a bed goes through to bring all this hidden talent to life.

Orbital planned a series of photo and video shoots that would deliver a feature length promotional video, social media snippets and retail customer exclusives. Planning and co-ordination was key to make this happen to minimise the impact on the running of the factory. Use of different equipment and techniques ensured the final results knitted together cohesively and were able to be re-edited to create ongoing fresh takes and content for the marketing team.

In addition to top level branding, Orbital worked with the development team to create insightful, clear and brand relevant POS material to support both new and existing products. Originating new collection logos, fillings icons and designing new product internal technical drawings, the collections benefitted from a common language. Cleaner, more navigable and ultimately a more commercially pleasing range to both sell and buy from.

C/S - Celebrity


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For more than 25 years Celebrity Furniture has stood as a benchmark for quality, as one of the UK's leading manufacturers of rising/reclining chairs.

We have been involved in an ongoing web project with Celebrity, over the past 18 months. This started with a redesigned and updated consumer website, before branching into improvements for retailers - a key factor for any manufacturer looking for increased floor space across stores. Most recently, the project has evolved into a multisite network, with the design of a series of brand specific microsites.

The main website was targeted at consumers and retailers alike. Features included easy-to-access specification tables and a 'Find a Retailer' lookup based on postcode or town. The crown jewel of the site is a swatch selector that allows a visitor to view any fabric in the Celebrity range on any of it’s chairs.


As Celebrity manufactures each piece of furniture to order, we couldn’t photograph each product/swatch combination. Instead we photographed each product and swatch individually, and used an automated process to wrap each one. This process has since been repeated a number of times, to add new fabrics and ranges to the selector without the need to manufacture everything upfront.

The swatch selector quickly became a popular tool among retailers, and Celebrity received a number of requests from the online sellers to include the same functionality on their own websites. We reworked the tool into a micro-application that could be customised to include only the ranges and fabrics stocked by that particular retailer.


This tool was then included within a portal, to which retailers could log in and customise their swatch selector. The portal also included an editable directly listing that linked into the main website's retailer search as well as downloadable resource libraries for marketing purposes.

The latest addition to Celebrity's suite of websites is involved in the launch of a brand new range that is positioned separately from the existing products. Ikon is reclining chair that sits on a cylindrical base for a more stylish, modern appearance. It is targeted at a younger, more tech-savvy audience, so required a website that reflected that.


With this addition to the network, and with each site powered by WordPress, the project has now evolved into a multisite environment. This single-entry content management system allows for simultaneous updates and simplified security processes across the board.


C/S - Deb Group


Industry, Healthcare


Enterprise Web App, Mobile App


UX, Wireframing, Design, Development

A world leader in occupational skin care, Deb have spent almost a century providing skin and hand hygiene solutions to commercial and workplace environments.

We have worked closely with the large in-house marketing department at Deb for a number of years, including the two projects showcased below. The first project involved designing and developing a bespoke web portal for their highest spending customers, known as Deb Elites. The goal was to establish a better line of communication between Deb and their most valued customers, allowing them to boost their own marketing efforts, and thus the sales figures for Deb products.

The solution was a responsive web app, that focussed on two key areas. Firstly, we gave the customer access to thier key sales data in comparison to the avarage sales data among all elite distributors. This allowed them to identify key improvement areas for their purchasing to better suit their own customers.


Secondly, we developed an automated marketing solution whereby the elites could browse a library of complimentary marketing tools such as presentations, posters and point of sale. These documents could then be edited with the customers logo and pricing, before high-res PDFs were generated and downloaded ready for print.

Following the success of the web portal, we were asked to design and develop a mobile app for iOS and Android, to help customers and sales reps to identify the best hand creams for a particular workplace environment. This app posed a series of questions to the user, each based on the answer to the previous, and the process took around 40 seconds to complete.


Once the questions are complete, the app displays the results of the search in the form of 2-3 suitable products, the results of which could be emailed to the customer. The app also made use of the phones internet connection and web browser to link to the relevent pages of the Deb website.

“Orbital delivered our cream selector app to a tight budget, and an even tighter deadline! The result is a great marketing tool and product - well recommended!”

Louise Skidmore - Marketing Manager, Deb Ltd

C/S - Kappture


Leisure, Hospitality & Stadia PoS


Video, Animation, Brand & Photography


Creative Design, Video & Animation

Award winning Addvance IT are the entrepreneurial team behind Kappture, and industry leading PoS (Point of Sale) system that can be installed to an existing till in less than 30 seconds.

We were briefed to improve the brand and marketing collateral for Kappture, with the sales team looking to expand their horizons to international markets. The solution was to aid presentations where a language barrier may exist, and explain the benefits over competitor products with as little 'tech-talk' as possible.

The most important element of the project was 60-second explainer video. The animation was designed to show the entire process of purchasing, running and managing a Kappture system without a voiceover or text content. This was key to the brief, as it allows the video to have the same impact abroad as it does in the UK.


The resulting video gives Kappture a unique visual position within the market. It has proved to be highly versatile, and appears online, via social media and as an introduction at large presentations, including a number of high profile European football stadiums.

Following the animation, we devloped a range of supporting brand media for Kappture. This included a range of studio and location photography, video and a set of mixed media imagery with 3D rederings of the UI over the top of device photography. We also created a full set of iconography.


All these assets were then used to design a 16 page, landscape brochure. Two versions were created, one for printing and another for digital viewing and online sharing.

C/S - Twickenham


RFU/Twickenham Stadium


World Rugby Museum App


App Design & Development

Orbital were recently approached by the RFU to undertake two conceptual app projects on behalf of Twickenham Stadium.

The first task was to design and create an app to boost the engagement of fans with the World Rugby Museum. Located within the stadium, the museum houses the world's largest collection of rugby memorabilia--a must see for any die hard fan. The problem however is that of 88,000 match day visitors less than 1% take time out of their day for a visit.

The brief then was to improve these stats by offering greater awareness of the museum, better value for money and genuine incentives for visiting the museum. Working with a small team of project managers within the RFU, we developed the concept of a family friendly interactive game.


This game involved a digital treasure hunt around the museum, in which app users could scan QR codes to collect stamps. These hidden codes would unlock exclusive bonus content such through the app, such as facts, interviews and video content.

Much like a coffee shop loyalty card, collecting a complete set of stamps would present the user with a reward in the form of a discount offer to spend within Twickenham's rugby store. This discount code linked directly to the till system, ensuring full connectivity.


We developed a working prototype of this app, and were invited to showcase at a popular stadia technology conference held at the venue. Appearing alongside a range of the RFU's other tech solutions and partners, we presented the app to delegates alongside the research compiled for the second stage of the project.

Following the development of the museum app, we were asked to research and present a future vision for a stadium-wide app. This vision included a range of innovational benefits including ticketing, bluetooth navigation, cashless purchasing and more.



Manufacturing & Industry


Bespoke eCommerce Website


UX, Wireframing, Design, Development

CAME is a global manufacturer of door and gate entry systems, headquartered in Italy. We were approached to deliver a complete eCommerce website from which they could sell and manage training courses.

The goals for this project were as much about streamlining internal processes as improving the purchasing experience for CAME’s customers. The existing website was limited in functionality, and was time consuming for a number of departments; with cancellations, rearranged bookings and certifications all requiring manual processing.


We worked closely with the marketing team to develop a detailed brief and specification before starting the project, with the aim to automate the entire process.

Using WordPress as the CMS, we have developed a bespoke eCommerce theme with SagePay and Paypal integration to handle secure payments. Customers have the ability to log in and amend their bookings. From the dashboard they can cancel, request a refund and email themselves an invoice, all without the need to contact CAME directly. Where customers have chosen to checkout as a guest, they can retroactively create an account to manage their bookings in the same way.


The system links up to each trainer’s calendar, allowing larger businesses to book bespoke or on-demand training courses for their entire team at a time and location that suits them. These on-demand courses can also be managed and rearranged by the customer, without the need to contact CAME directly.

This project’s automation doesn’t stop at it’s eCommerce functionality. During a training course, the website becomes a tool for the trainer, from which he/she can take attendance and grade modules. Once the course is completed, PDF certificates are automatically generated and emailed to the customer (a task previously undertaken manually). Failed candidates are automatically sent a discount code to book a retest.


The website’s headline course, CAMESAFE, comes with it’s own accreditation scheme, which is also handled automatically. Installer IDs are generated and a personalised accreditation logo is rendered and emailed to the customer. The site monitors the expiry date for each installer, and sends them a reminder email when it’s time to book a refresher course. This integration of the installer database to the eCommerce site (two elements of the business that have previously been separate) has been crucial to the project’s success.

The finished project not only delivers an exceptional purchasing experience to web visitors, but impressive streamlining of internal processes. Regular tasks within the marketing, sales, training and accounting departments are now automated, culminating in around 800 saved hours per year.

C/S - Eurofins


Agroscience Services, Food Testing


Marketing Services & Video Production


Video, Animation, Branding & Design

With over 27,000 employees across 39 countries, Eurofins Scientific is truly a global business. They provide specialist scientific services to a wide range of industries, including agricultural, environmental and food.

For a number of years our team has worked with two subsidiaries of Eurofins, namely Eurofins Agroscience Services and Eurofins Food Testing. Together we've worked on projects that span our entire range of services, from video production and animation to branding and web development.

We were recently asked to produce a global introduction video for Eurofins Agroscience, an international business in it's own right. We works with the UK based marketing team, located just a stone's throw from our studio, to deliver laboratory and location shooting as well as animation and infographics. The video has now been translated to a number of different languages.


The scientific nature of the business means there is often a large amount of technical data to be distributed. One of our largest undertakings for Eurofins has been to maintain and format these technical documents across the world. Over a period of 5 years we have now produced 100s of these documents in a number of languages, including Chinese and Brazilian.

Another recent project, this time for Eurofins Food Testing involved producing video content of a slightly different nature. The brief was to create a series of training videos that clients could use to distribute to factory workers tasked with providing vital hygiene swabs for analysis.


This project carried a number of challenges, namely filming the entire process inside of a noisy factory and in a single afternoon. The final result blends this footage with animated explainers and some impressive aerial footage of the Eurofins HQ, in Wolverhampton.