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Sleepeezee has been making luxury beds and mattresses since the early 1900's and has grown into one of the most well-known bed manufacturers in the world.

Sleepeezee were keen to dig deep into their heritage values and story to bring the brand to life for the consumer. Finding the right balance of historical references married with contemporary tone of voice, Orbital delivered a series of collateral that have freshened the companies outlook, assisting launches of new products and customer engagement.

Having an up to date platform to deliver details of the company, its products and broader information is vital. Orbital delivered a clean, easy to navigate and informative web site. With a complete CMS support package, the site is populated entirely with collateral originated by Orbital. This includes the bed builder plug in. Developed in house by the Orbital team, this clever device allows the consumer and retailer alike to view their preferred combination of options available in high quality imagery.The site also combined a number historical satellite sites into 1 space, giving the marketing team a much improved experience as all the media pulls from a single source. The products are displayed more coherently alongside the branding, with the collection names being more in vogue with consumer behaviour rather than purely features and benefits.

Offline, Orbital re-established the point of sale and general leaflets to continue this new look and feel. To support their first international exhibition and build a broader domestic following across the retail & contract markets, Orbital provided Sleepeezee with a presenter full of original photography, CAD's and copy. Making the most of Sleepeezee's coveted Royal Warrant and the work undertaken on behalf of some of the worlds most desirable hotel chains, the presenter pushes the brand harder and more convincingly up market - right where it belongs.

Sleepeezee has a story to tell at its factory too. Their friendly, dedicated and highly skilled workers produce a vast amount of variety at a consistent level of quality. We celebrated their hard work by filming the process a bed goes through to bring all this hidden talent to life.Orbital planned a series of photo and video shoots that would deliver a feature length promotional video, social media snippets and retail customer exclusives. Planning and co-ordination was key to make this happen to minimise the impact on the running of the factory. Use of different equipment and techniques ensured the final results knitted together cohesively and were able to be re-edited to create ongoing fresh takes and content for the marketing team.

In addition to top level branding, Orbital worked with the development team to create insightful, clear and brand relevant POS material to support both new and existing products. Originating new collection logos, fillings icons and designing new product internal technical drawings, the collections benefitted from a common language. Cleaner, more navigable and ultimately a more commercially pleasing range to both sell and buy from.