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For more than 25 years Celebrity Furniture has stood as a benchmark for quality, as one of the UK's leading manufacturers of rising/reclining chairs.

We have been involved in an ongoing web project with Celebrity, over the past 18 months. This started with a redesigned and updated consumer website, before branching into improvements for retailers - a key factor for any manufacturer looking for increased floor space across stores. Most recently, the project has evolved into a multisite network, with the design of a series of brand specific microsites.

The main website was targeted at consumers and retailers alike. Features included easy-to-access specification tables and a 'Find a Retailer' lookup based on postcode or town. The crown jewel of the site is a swatch selector that allows a visitor to view any fabric in the Celebrity range on any of it’s chairs. As Celebrity manufactures each piece of furniture to order, we couldn’t photograph each product/swatch combination. Instead we photographed each product and swatch individually, and used an automated process to wrap each one. This process has since been repeated a number of times, to add new fabrics and ranges to the selector without the need to manufacture everything upfront.

The swatch selector quickly became a popular tool among retailers, and Celebrity received a number of requests from the online sellers to include the same functionality on their own websites. We reworked the tool into a micro-application that could be customised to include only the ranges and fabrics stocked by that particular retailer. This tool was then included within a portal, to which retailers could log in and customise their swatch selector. The portal also included an editable directly listing that linked into the main website's retailer search as well as downloadable resource libraries for marketing purposes.

The latest addition to Celebrity's suite of websites is involved in the launch of a brand new range that is positioned separately from the existing products. Ikon is reclining chair that sits on a cylindrical base for a more stylish, modern appearance. It is targeted at a younger, more tech-savvy audience, so required a website that reflected that. With this addition to the network, and with each site powered by WordPress, the project has now evolved into a multisite environment. This single-entry content management system allows for simultaneous updates and simplified security processes across the board.