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A world leader in occupational skin care, Deb have spent almost a century providing skin and hand hygiene solutions to commercial and workplace environments.

We have worked closely with the large in-house marketing department at Deb for a number of years, including the two projects showcased below. The first project involved designing and developing a bespoke web portal for their highest spending customers, known as Deb Elites. The goal was to establish a better line of communication between Deb and their most valued customers, allowing them to boost their own marketing efforts, and thus the sales figures for Deb products.

The solution was a responsive web app, that focussed on two key areas. Firstly, we gave the customer access to thier key sales data in comparison to the avarage sales data among all elite distributors. This allowed them to identify key improvement areas for their purchasing to better suit their own customers. Secondly, we developed an automated marketing solution whereby the elites could browse a library of complimentary marketing tools such as presentations, posters and point of sale. These documents could then be edited with the customers logo and pricing, before high-res PDFs were generated and downloaded ready for print.

Following the success of the web portal, we were asked to design and develop a mobile app for iOS and Android, to help customers and sales reps to identify the best hand creams for a particular workplace environment. This app posed a series of questions to the user, each based on the answer to the previous, and the process took around 40 seconds to complete. Once the questions are complete, the app displays the results of the search in the form of 2-3 suitable products, the results of which could be emailed to the customer. The app also made use of the phones internet connection and web browser to link to the relevent pages of the Deb website.

“Orbital delivered our cream selector app to a tight budget, and an even tighter deadline! The result is a great marketing tool and product - well recommended!”

Louise Skidmore - Marketing Manager, Deb Ltd