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Animation, Branding, Graphic Design, Marketing, Print, Video

With over 27,000 employees across 39 countries, Eurofins Scientific is truly a global business. They provide specialist scientific services to a wide range of industries, including agricultural, environmental and food.

For a number of years our team has worked with two subsidiaries of Eurofins, namely Eurofins Agroscience Services and Eurofins Food Testing. Together we've worked on projects that span our entire range of services, from video production and animation to branding and web development.

We were recently asked to produce a global introduction video for Eurofins Agroscience, an international business in it's own right. We works with the UK based marketing team, located just a stone's throw from our studio, to deliver laboratory and location shooting as well as animation and infographics. The video has now been translated to a number of different languages. The scientific nature of the business means there is often a large amount of technical data to be distributed. One of our largest undertakings for Eurofins has been to maintain and format these technical documents across the world. Over a period of 5 years we have now produced 100s of these documents in a number of languages, including Chinese and Brazilian.

Another recent project, this time for Eurofins Food Testing involved producing video content of a slightly different nature. The brief was to create a series of training videos that clients could use to distribute to factory workers tasked with providing vital hygiene swabs for analysis. This project carried a number of challenges, namely filming the entire process inside of a noisy factory and in a single afternoon. The final result blends this footage with animated explainers and some impressive aerial footage of the Eurofins HQ, in Wolverhampton.